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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Ode to Joy

I've just finished my exam. I just e-mailed it and I should be done. As sad as I am about the class being over...I am not sad about the writing being over. As much as I would like to fancy myself a writer someday...I just have to admit that it's wicked hard sometimes.
Yay. I'm done.
Feels good.
Though now I'm a little concerned because I e-mailed a copy to myself and it hasn't come back to me yet. So...what does that mean? It's taking a while.
Oh well...if I don't think she gets it by the morning, I'll resend it.
I'm exhausted.
Now to the laundry. A women's work is never done.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Just thinking out loud

Ah...yeah...I'm procrastinating a little bit again. I'm "studying" for my on-line exam which I'll be working on tomorrow night. UGH. I've had the exam questions ( cheating...our professor gave them to us) for two weeks now and I just feel like I haven't done enough to study. But I also feel like I know the stuff. I just need to know the questions so that I can finally write it and get it over with. So hopefully soon I'll be done with this.
I've been thinking. Besides being less stressful about having sex, there is another good thing about going back on the pill. My face will clear up!!! Hallelujah. I've, for the most part, had good skin in my life. That was until after my last miscarriage. My skin is a mess. And it's not just the skin on my face. My chest and neck are continuously breaking out also. I really want to clear up for the Summer so that I have one less thing to be self-conscious about (besides my stomach and upper arms).
Have I talked about work lately? I won't really get into it. I mean, there's not too much to get into. I am hoping for a promotion. I've actually applied for it. I gave in my resume and cover letter last Tuesday. Everyone (most everyone) thinks I will get it. I (most days) think I will get it. I'm trying not to plan on it, but I am. My husband seems to be. I want the job more and more everyday and when I think that I might not be able to get it...I feel that maybe I would have to change jobs because I also NEED to make more money. We aren't cutting it too well right now.'s always on my mind and I hope that I know what the situation is soon.