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Friday, May 20, 2005

Taking a break...

Or in another word...procrastinating (a little).
CONGRATULATIONS to Crista and Kris!!! And little Bella and Aiden. What an excitement. I don't know really what to say because I feel like anything would not sound quite right. But I am extremely happy for them. They SO deserve some happiness after the crap they've been through. I can't help but hope that I will be getting some that blessing some day too. I know, I know everyone tells me that it will all work out. And of course I really hope so...but some days that little bit of doubt creeps in and won't let you be content with the hope. It's that little voice.
You may wonder why I am home in the middle of the day on a work day. I took it off so that I could study for my final. I don't do well with studying either. I get this laissez-faire (did I spell that right?) attitude with studying sometime. I feel like I can't do anymore and I'll just have to wing it. Or I feel like either I know it or not. So I'll just have to see. Ugh. At any rate it's nice to be home though I'm not doing too much. I feel like if I'm not putting 100% in studying then I should be cleaning, unpacking, or doing something in the yard. I'm tired of my own nagging voice of what I should be doing. I am getting some studying done and I should just be happy and hopeful that that will be enough.
I had my last class last night. I'm kind of sad to be done. I did really enjoy that class. This coming Thursday will be my final and that will be on-line so that I don't have to go into Cambridge. Though, I will be doing it at home and that's a challenge within itself. That's why it was good that I took today off to get a head start. And I think I've got one.
Well...there was more I was going to say and now I don't remember and I suppose it wasn't that important anyway.
I should go.


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