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Monday, April 11, 2005


Yeah...I'm not doing so well with the whole moving thing in so many ways. I feel so behind! And to make things worse is that I have a paper due next Thursday. And to make things even worser is that this coming Sunday is an "anniversary" of I've been dreading so very much for the last month. And to make things even worser, worser (and this one I feel kind of guilty about), our pregnant friends from Montana are coming to visit THIS weekend!!! It really could not be a WORSER time!
So...things kind of suck a little.
But wait...there's more. Of course.
Today I found out that the supposed "raise" we were to be receiving some time this month (at work), not a raise at all. It's a "bonus". And it sounds like it's going to really pittily. And to top that off the way it is going to be doled out sounds kind of sketchy.
So, yeah...this is my life right now. Not so fun at the moment.
But my Star is amazing and we got to go for a date yesterday afternoon. And for a couple of hours, I was able to not feel the stress. It was so good and so what I needed at the moment.


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