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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


That's how I'm feeling these days.
I've actually started entries for this blog twice. The first one I didn't like so much so I deleted it. The other one got lost. So...I've lost my will to blog...for now.
Life has been a little hectic. Between school, worrying, having a weekend guest, stressing, work, and more worrying, I just haven't had all that much time (patience or energy) to get a whole blog down.
So...anyway...I just wanted to let you all (I think I may just have one or two readers...thank you ladies if you are still checking in on me) know that I'm still here.
We are heading off for a weekend down in New Jersey. This is a trip that neither of us are looking forward to for various reasons. But hopefully when I get back I'll be a better mood for writing.
Til then...


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