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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The worst is over, I think

It's been a busy last couple of days, even though I've kind of been down for the count.
So, of course, I was totally sick for the whole weekend. That sucks. I really wanted to do something, go somewhere, you know? I felt like I hadn't had a weekend in a while between unwanted houseguests, etc. But no. This last weekend was filled with cough drops, tissues, and movies on HBO, IFC, and Lifetime.
Then on Monday I somehow managed to get my butt into work. I kind of had to. Being a holiday, we were expecting masses of people (didn't really happen) and I was the supervisor du jour. So...I went in. Between a possible fever all day and trying to be sneaky (trying to watch/catch a possible co-worker stealing...I may get into this later), I was just about dead at the end of the day. Oh yeah...I also realized that I might have had a little too much decongestant for the day. One pill should last for 12 hours...I had two. I won't be letting Mr. Husband serve me my meds without checking the label first myself. He doesn't like to read directions. Anyway...when I got home on Monday, I immediately peeled off my clothes and got into a hot, hot tub with strawberry bubbles and had a glass of wine. Yes, this was before I realized I had too much drugs. I felt good after. I thought that maybe I was feeling better.
So, Tuesday I went into work, after having a horrible night of sleep. Everytime I was starting to fall asleep, I would wake myself up coughing. Yesterday morning started off pretty decent. But then sometime after nine in the morning, my head started to really plug up. And then from there it just got worse. At one point while blowing my nose, my right ear plugged up for 40 minutes. One of my co-workers noted on how swollen my glands were. And then there was the part were I felt like I had the hugest glob of mucus right behind my throat.
It was pretty bad.
That was the point when I decided to call the Doctor's office for an appointment. I had been putting it off, didn't want to go.
Of course, today I kind of feel better.
If only they'd been open when I needed them to be on Monday.
So, that's what I'm going to be doing, going to the Doctor's and feeling kind of goofy because now I don't feel as sick. I feel like that when I go to see the Doctor, I've got to be near death's door. You know, to kind of make it worth it.


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