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Friday, January 21, 2005

The first day in another sucky 4 years...

Oh well.
Anyway...I seem to be getting better. I think. I don't want to jinx anything, but I do think I'm getting better. I fortunately had Wednesday off (it was my holiday), so I was able to get some stuff done, including making a visit to my Dr's office.
The Dr I saw on that day is one that I've only met once before. She's my primary and actually she's the one that recommended my Ob/gyn that I know feel like I know pretty well. The last time I saw this Dr was last January when I had a physical as a new patient. This Dr (Dr J) is the first American doctor I've ever had. Seriously. Growing up, my doctor was Indian. Then, when I was at college, the doctor there was from Wales. My doctor after that was Chinese. Then she left and got another Chinese doctor to take her place. The second Chinese doctor seemed to be very sweet, but I couldn't understand anything she said. She had a very thick accent. It got to the point that after I'd visit her, I'd realize that I only got about a third of what she said. That's not a good thing when your health is involved. Besides the communication problem, I also started to really dislike the office/clinic she was at. The receptionists were always in a hurry, seemed bothered when you came in, and I just realized...I didn't like it there. So, I did some searching around and heard of Dr J. She seemed kind of cool. She's from Texas and from what I could tell she seemed open to different kinds of alternative medicines, etc. She seemed like a different kind of doctor than what I was used to. And...probably what I like most about her, is that her office is the first floor of this really beautiful, huge Victorian house near the ocean. And when you go into the house, there's classical music playing and water to help yourself to. There's only a receptionist and I don't even think I've ever seen a nurse there before (I've only been twice). It's very small and quaint and definitely does not have the clinic-y feel to it. Dr J still has an accent (so pretty much all of my doctors my whole life, except for my Ob/gyn, have had accents), a Texan one I think, but I can understand her a whole hell of a lot better than doctors in the past.
So...having said all of this, I do like Dr J. But Wednesday was a whole different story.
First of all, I was very sure to get there early. I always try to be every where early (something my father instilled in me), especially doctor's offices. My appointment was at 11, I got there ten minutes early. When I walked through the door, the receptionist told me she'd be with me in a moment, so I could take a seat. So, I took a seat and waited. I waited for an hour! I have never in my life really waited that long at a doctor's office. I couldn't believe it.

Anyway...after all of the waiting, Dr J finally came in and spent all of about four and a half minutes with me looking at my ears and throat. She gave me what I wanted (a prescription) and I was out of there. I couldn't believe it.


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