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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Bringing in the New Year

I survived the weekend. Oh boy.
Star's buddy (the one that sometimes drives me crazy) was here since Thursday night...Thursday night! He just left about a half hour ago. It was too long of a visit. Friday (New Year's Eve day) had been good. I went to do some errands. I came home, the guys unloaded the car. I was planning to make a nice dinner. We started having some drinks around 1:30, just hanging out around the apartment. It was a nice chill day.
Then after dinner, I noticed that Star's friend (I can't remember the name I once gave him) seemed a little fidgety. He and Star kept going out for a smoke. I could tell that Star was trying to keep him entertained. Meanwhile, my sister had come over and our neighbor (the one from upstairs) had come down too. Apparently, we all were not enough fun for our buddy. I was kind of offended by that. I kind of felt like he could certainly go find someone else to hang out with if we weren't exciting enough for him. We were planning on a low key night with a visit to the local pub at around eleven to bring in midnight.
Finally, 11:00 came around and we went down to the pub. My neighbor was extremely drunk. I was kind of nervous about going into any place with her. Meanwhile...Star's buddy picked up some chick from the bar and brought her over to the table with her friend. Star ended up having to bring our neighbor home because as she was walking out of the pub, she fell on a table. Then apparently, on the walk back to the apartment, she fell again banging her head of up real good.

What had started out as a nice chill New Year's Eve night...quickly turned into a crazy night. Our neighbor ended up being okay. And the buddy brought his new found friend back to our apartment. I was more than pissed. The guy's got some nerve.'s all over and I'm glad. Star's buddy is "threatening" to come up next weekend to see Star's band play on Saturday. I'm kind of hoping he goes back on his word because I'm really not in the mood for more. I need a break.


  • At January 8, 2005 at 11:06 AM, Blogger Crista said…

    Hey Moon. Sorry to hear your New Year's Eve celebration wasn't better, but at least it was, umm, interesting and memorable! :)

    I've been wanting and meaning to comment for a while now, but knew it would get long and haven't had a regard to your test results, low progesterone is definitely VERY treatable, and a common problem that once fixed with progesterone supplements when you get pg, can easily lead to a successful pregnancy. I'm not sure if there's anything you can do to "naturally" increase your prog levels, but it seems like the supplements (most commonly vaginal suppositories that you insert twice daily for the first 12 weeks of pg -- sounds gross, I know, but you get used to them -- I used them in my second pg and this one) typically do the job.

    As for your next test, I'm guessing it's a hysterosalpingogram (HSG for short -- I can never remember the long name), which I also had done. Essentially, if I'm remembering the details correctly, they shoot die into your uterus and fallopian tubes and take an x-ray to check for any abnormalities or blockages. Aside from the fun of lying spread eagle on a metal table with a tube inserted in you, it's really not all that bad. My OB was there to take care of the catheter, and there was a nurse and a Radiologist. I got the results right away afterwards (all looked good, thankfully) and my only complaint was some mild cramping (it was suggested to me to take some Motrin ahead of time, which definitely helped) and a little light-headedness (apparently that can happen when the cervix is dilated). Not bad at all, and you're in and out in less than an hour.

    Some women have also said that they found they were able to get (and stay) pg following an HSG since it essentially cleans out the fallopian tubes, so if there were any small blockages, they're taken care of with the die or saline (sometimes a saline u/s is done instead of an HSG, but I understand they can't see as much that way). Some women have sworn by it to help them get pg!

    So what are your next steps? Have you had any bloodwork done besides the progesterone? Definitely let me know if you have any questions about it all...I became a pro in the testing process, definitely learned a lot though I'm no expert, and I can at least tell you how things were to go through. I can also tell you it will all be worth it in the end, I promise!!

    Also wanted to say thanks so much for your support of late -- I really appreciated your comment on my last long-winded entry. I'm glad to know that it helps somehow to read success stories. I know it did for me often times as well, but sometimes I know it can still sting. I have a really strong feeling that you're going to have no problems getting and staying pg the next time, though, when you're ready. It WILL happen!!

    Happy New Year...may 2005 bring LOTS of good things your way...


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