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Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year!

It's New Year's Eve...but Happy New Year's anyway!
Tonight will be a small gathering of close friends/family. That's all I'm about to be up for these days.
It's only 4:18 in the late afternoon/evening and I've already had a couple of drinks (it's okay...I'm definitely not pregnant). We've started early this year. My sister will come over, Star's best buddy is here, and our fun, drunk neighbor is coming down too. We are going to have dinner and then just wait for the New Year to come in. We may visit the local pub...but we'll see.
Here's hoping for a better year to come!
Because...this year kind of sucked. I don't think I could handle anymore shit...not for a while...anyway.'s hoping...
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Sweet relief ahead

Not too much going on today. I am on to my four day (yay!) weekend. And just in time too because the freaks visiting the museum in the last three days were really wearing down on my last nerve. I've been in "customer service" (whatever the hell that means) for the last eight years (when did I drop out of college?) of my life. Though I've been doing it for a little while now, I'm still always amazed by the idiots that come in thinking that they have an original thought in their head. When I was working the coffee shops it was the idiots coming in around Christmas thinking that the gift cards or mugs were a really cool idea. Then when they came in two days before Christmas, they'd be really surprised that we were low on stock because everybody else had the same exact idea. Duh.
At the's much the same. For the last month the place as been insanely slow. There are usually more (like twice the amount) staff and volunteers at the place than guests. This week, being the time when just about every one has time off, the place has been packed out. People have been "testy" with me because they are surprised to find out that every body else also decided to come visit the museum. Things are sold out, the place is crowded, etc. It's just funny to me.
Anyway, I'm glad to be out for the rest of week. When I go back it will be back to super slow.
Yipee. holiday down...another to go. New Year's. What the heck are we going to do? I have no idea really. Star's buddy (I've spoken about him before) is coming around Friday night. He'll be in around 7 pm and from there...I don't know what will be next. Hopefully something chill. That's what Star wants too. We were just thinking about hanging around here until around 11 and then go down to the local pub...just to bring in the New Year.
Here's hoping the New Year is SO much better than the last (the last six months).

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Results are in...

I've got low progesterone levels. I'm at a 7. Doc said that they usually like to see something between 12 and 15. The next thing she'd like me to do is a something-something-o'gram (I forget what the real name is...something I can't pronounce probably). Apparently when I get my next period I'm supposed to call her to set an appointment. I should call her back (she left a message) because I'm a little confused about this next round of tests.
As strange as it may seem to say...I'm kind of glad to know that my progesterone is low. Maybe we are pin-pointing this thing down. Progesterone issues seem to be somewhat normal.
I'm wondering what I can do to raise my progesterone levels. Can I eat a better diet? Exercise? Is there anything other than drugs?
Time for some research.

Day 21

Yesterday was it. Day 21. I got to go to the hospital and be poked for some more blood. After 2+ months I was finally able to get to the lab to be able to get the test (first test in hopefully a short list of them) done. This one will be checking my progesterone (did I spell that correctly?).
It almost didn't happen though. First, I wasn't sure if we'd be able to get there with all of the snow that we got the other night (about 10 inches I think) and then when I came home for work, I couldn't find the lab slip that my doctor gave me. Once I finally found it we went off to the lab.
When we got to the hospital...the woman registering me remembered me. She totally remembered me. She asked me how I was, how my holiday was. It was a little weird, but nice.
Then I went into the lab. And the woman who took my blood remembered me. As she was looking at my arms she said "I think this is the one we go for." I made a little joke about the other woman remembering me and then she said, "Oh yeah...I remember you." me and Star were walking out of the hospital I told him that I have a feeling (I don't know why) that maybe this is the problem. Maybe it's just the progesterone. I suppose that's what I want it to be so that hopefully I don't have to do anymore testing and there seems to be easier ways to deal with the problem. It would be so good to know what the problem is. Though, of course, what would be the best thing would be is to not have a problem...I think it's a little late to be that innocent. Clearly something is wrong.
Fingers crossed.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Merry (Belated) Christmas!

And Happy Boxing Day too.
What is Boxing Day? I dunno...I'm sure I could look it up somewhere. Maybe I will.
Christmas this year has been good. I think I really enjoyed it. Which is a relief because I was a little nervous a couple of days ago.
That's all for now.