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Monday, November 29, 2004

Worst holiday weekend ever

No...really. It was.
Let's see...I started to get sick on the way down to NJ. The ride should take 6 took 7. Which isn't so bad during holiday traffic...but it's terrible when you have a UTI.
Next...Thursday morning I woke up super sick. I wanted to throw up and I couldn't. We were supposed to go to a soup kitchen to serve dinner to homeless folks...but even the thought of food made me seriously ill. So...I stayed home with my even sicker father-in-law. He had leftover pneumonia. The two of us stayed home while my husband and mother-in-law went to the soup kitchen. While I continued be sick throughout the whole weekend, my father-in-law ended up getting admitted to the hospital.
I'll get into more detail later. There was even more crap that happened.
I'm so glad to be home.
Home Sweet Home