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Sunday, December 05, 2004

There's no place like home for the holidays

So...last weekend was a bust. It was very disappointing. And furthermore it really sucks because we won't be seeing the in-law's around Christmas this year. So...last weekend was the holiday for us to share.
On the way down to NJ, I was slowly beginning to feel really funny. I felt like my kidneys were sore or something. But then, I thought that maybe I was just imagining that. I was sleepy and trying to ignore the feeling of wanting to urinate. We finally made it to the in-law's at around one in the morning.
The next morning, I woke up extremely early needing to use the bathroom. I was in a little bit of pain. I did go back to sleep for a little while and when I woke up at around nine o'clock, I felt terribly sick. My stomach was an awful mess. I couldn't tell if I needed to throw up or poop. It's one of the most terrible physical feelings I've ever experienced. We were supposed to go to a soup kitchen to serve Thanksgiving dinner for folks. Even the thought of food made me seriously ill. So, I ended up staying at the house while my husband and mother-in-law went to serve food. Meanwhile, my father-in-law was seriously sick. He slept the whole day in his easy chair while I belly-ached watching the Macy's parade and dog show.
Star and his mom came back about 3 hours later and had lunch. I did manage down a couple of bites of soup and yogurt after a shower. Soon after that...I felt like was going to throw up again. So, I took a two hour nap. Around six o'clock I woke up and once again felt immediately sick. It was terrible because we were just about to have our Thanksgiving dinner (which didn't include turkey because my in-law's are vegetarians). I couldn't make it to the table. I just couldn't. So...I went back to bed. And...Apparently my father-in-law didn't make it to dinner either because he was so sick.
The next husband brought his dad to the ER to get some chest x-rays. I was still terribly sick to my stomach. I was also mad at myself because I was worried about my father-in-law. When he's not feeling well it's very serious because he was in a terrible auto accident about a year and a half ago. He now has various health conditions that are very serious. They ended up admitting him to the hospital because they figured out that he still had a pneumonia from a couple of months ago. They were concerned about fluid getting to his heart.
Somehow we got through the weekend. My father-in-law got to go home on Monday. We made it home after being on the the road for 10 hours (it's supposed to be a 6 hour trip). I figured out (I think) that it was the antibiotic that made me sick. Fortunately I had only one dose left before I was to be the UTI was pretty much over too.
It was so good to get back home.

So...tonight we are going to have the Thanksgiving dinner we never had with my sister and without a turkey. The turkey's were too big and I just got a large roasting chicken (I think I like chicken better anyway...more moist). We'll have all the fixings and my sister's bringing a pumpkin pie to boot. Yum.
I'm hoping that we will get our Christmas tree today and maybe tonight we can trim after dinner with a little egg nog and bourbon.
Things are busy. I haven't started my shopping for the holiday and today we are going to look at open houses. We are looking for a condo. I want one so bad...but I'm so scared to death of the process of getting one. I'm afraid that no one in their right mind will give us a mortgage. We've got a lot of debt, though we are trying to turn that around.

So...there's my update.


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