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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Results are in...

I've got low progesterone levels. I'm at a 7. Doc said that they usually like to see something between 12 and 15. The next thing she'd like me to do is a something-something-o'gram (I forget what the real name is...something I can't pronounce probably). Apparently when I get my next period I'm supposed to call her to set an appointment. I should call her back (she left a message) because I'm a little confused about this next round of tests.
As strange as it may seem to say...I'm kind of glad to know that my progesterone is low. Maybe we are pin-pointing this thing down. Progesterone issues seem to be somewhat normal.
I'm wondering what I can do to raise my progesterone levels. Can I eat a better diet? Exercise? Is there anything other than drugs?
Time for some research.


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