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Monday, December 06, 2004

Let the Holidays begin

Yesterday was a good day. We got our Christmas tree, we went to three open houses (condos, really), I did some cooking, my sister came over for our Thanksgiving re-do, and we trimmed the tree. It was nice. It kind of made me look forward to the holidays.
The open houses were interesting. We actually made it to three. The first one was probably my favorite. It was a two bedroom (bedrooms were kind of small...smaller than what we are used to because our bedroom right now is wicked huge and we'll probably never find a bedroom like that ever again), with a dining room/office area, french doors leading to the livingroom area, good sized kitchen (maybe larger than what we have now), with a washer/dryer, huge windows and wood floors (that's really probably what I liked the most). The only immediate work I'd want to do is to get rid of the wallpaper in the kitchen...but other than looked pretty good. The price is actually about 10,000 dollars cheaper than what we are looking. And the seller is "motivated" so we'd probably be able to go down even lower. The negatives about the's in a pretty big unit (I think 9 other condos are in the building) and it's in a not so desirable part of town. But it's on the outskirts of that part of town...and I personally think that part of town is changing a little bit. It's getting a little better.

Oh shoot...I'm running out of time...I need to get to work.

More later.


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