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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Good, good, good off!
Originally, the plan was to do some Christmas shopping today. Unfortunately...there isn't really any money because I spent it all on bills (well, there is money but not enought to get the bulk of the Christmas shopping done like I've been planning). Good bills like electric, gas, phone...etc. We both get our paychecks tomorrow so that's good timing. Except for not really because tomorrow I'm taking the train into the city to see my good friend and going to an "informational session" at a school that I'm very much thinking about taking a night course from this coming Spring. I will get my brow waxing (they're looking bad) and do some Christmas window shopping. You know, get an idea of what I want to buy before I buy. I may also make a trip to H&M (best store ever...wicked cheap too) to see if there maybe something for a Christmas party that we are going to on Friday.
We are going to Star's work's Christmas party. I'm a little nervous. First, I'm always a little nervous going to parties where I don't really know anyone. I've been to this party for the last two years...but I'm just not really most outgoing person so parties are always a little bit of work for me. The second reason why I'm a little nervous is because the expecting parents will be there. In the three years that Star has worked at this school, this particular co-worker has never gone to these Christmas parties. This year they are coming. I'm looking forward to seeing them. They are very sweet people. But, I'm also a little nervous...of course. I just hope that no stupid by-standers will make any comments like "When will you two have one?" I know, I'm just a bit hyper-sensitive.
Yesterday at work, I was talking to two of my co-workers. We were talking about what we like to eat...what kinds of foods. I was saying that in the last week I've been craving seafood enchiladas. One of them asked me, "Are you pregnant?"...she was just kidding around. She's only been at the museum for 2 months and she knows nothing about my miscarriages. My only reply was, "I better not be", with a laugh. But my stomach just about dropped because this was a few hours before my period started so I was a tad bit nervous.
I'll be fine on Friday night. I hope Star will be. He will be too, though.

So...this month I think will the month that I will get that progesterone blood test done. I'm supposed to count 21 days from the first day of my cycle. I started last night. Should I count 21 days from last night...or 21 days from the first full day. I should call that nice nurse at the office.


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