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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The fun never stops around here doesn't.
I'm self diagnosing here...but I believe that I am the not-so-proud recipient of a urinary tract infection.

What the heck?
I just figures.
And it hurts like hell.
Not to mention that it's embarrassing.
It started at work today. I was sitting (on lunch break) in the back room eating my Luna bar (aka lunch) looking through my wallet. I don't know what exactly I was looking for...but I was just looking. I'm always surprised by what I find in my own wallet. There are all kinds of goodies. Like old Starbuck's freebies or business cards of people I would never go to...but for some reason...I have their card. Anyway...I was browsing when I recognized the little card that the hospital that I go to...I saw their card. At the hospital (even if you just going for lab work), they give you a little card so that when you go to register...they have most all of your current stuff. So...anyway...I noticed the card and I thought to myself how it was so nice I haven't had to go there in a while. I actually thought those words to myself.
Right after that, I decided that I would go down the street to the local coffee shop and get myself a cup of Indian Spice Chai. On the way out...I stopped at the bathroom. After urinating...I realized that I kind of felt like I had to go again...but I thought that maybe it was just my imagination. So I proceeded to the coffee shop.
After the coffee shop, I went to this cute little shop that sells the best candles. While browsing the shop, I realized that I had that uncomfortable feeling again. So I headed back to the museum to take care of business before I had to head back on the floor.
For the next two and a half hours I dealt with running to the bathroom every 15 minutes. Then...the times got closer. Finally I talked with a lady I know who kind of has experiences with UTIs. I asked her about the common symptoms and she almost immediately insisted that I get to the Dr's right away. At first I was a bit hesitant. But then I realized that we are driving (at least) six hours down to NJ tomorrow night. The last thing in the world I need to deal with is a pee problem.
So...I got in touch with my trusty ol' pals at the OB/Gyn office. They faxed papers to the lab and I just had to show up after I got out of work. Except for when I got out of work and went home to change...the pain got MUCH worse. So...for two hours I couldn't be more than 15 feet away from our bathroom. I couldn't even make the trip to the hospital. And to top things off...I seemed to be bleeding too.
Finally around 7:00...we got to the hospital. Once I was there...I spent five painful minutes in the bathroom and then I was done.
Now I'm waiting.
Waiting for the Doctor to call to tell me that I have what I already know I have and prescribe some pills for me.
Oh...and by the way...I could barely pee.
Oh yeah...and then the pee was red. I think that scared my hubby a little.

I'm trying to have a good attitude about this right now. Trying to be funny. I feel like I'm finally getting my money's worth out of our health insurance with all the trips to the Dr's office I've made in the last five months.



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