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Friday, October 01, 2004

TGIF...for real this time

Feeling good because it's Friday. Feeling good because Kerry, I firmly believe, whooped Bush's ass (hope I'm not offending anybody). Feeling good because my husband, as always, made a very delicious pot of coffee.
Feeling a little uncomfortable because I might be getting a cold. I woke up initially feeling like I had a sore throat and also feeling in my funny in my head (like a sinus thing). I'm trying to ignore the sick feeling. Feeling a little uncomfortable about going into work. Yesterday was a icky day. I'm blaming it on the full moon. I did get a very, very good compliment from my boss. She liked a schedule that I made for Tuesday so much that she gave another girl (the one that I can't stand) a copy of it to copy for her schedule today. I think annoying girl (I'll call her AG) was a little annoyed. Meanwhile, minutes after the compliment...I realized that I royally screwed up. Have I mentioned this before? I work in a museum, in the guest services department. I have recently (in the last 2 weeks) become a supervisor after getting a promotion from the coatroom. I spent 8 months in the coatroom because I can be insanely patient some days. Anyway...I'm new to my position in many ways. But I'm doing okay...and some days doing better than my co-worker (AG) who's been doing the job longer than me. Getting back to the royal mess that I made. When putting the tickets into the computer yesterday morning, I misread times and ended up selling tickets to a special exhibit when there was to be a private group going in. Fortunately, this private group wasn't any group that was super, super important to the museum. Thank goodness for that. But still, this was all bad news because now it meant that 50 people were going to be in an exhibit that can only safely hold 25. ACK! It all turned out. No one (or so they said) was upset with me. Actually, my boss took
responsibility for not checking up on my work (I am still new on this). And the private group didn't even notice. They were a bunch of retirement people from NH that were ready to go home anyway by that time.
After all that, I had a little bit of a run in with AG. As I have mentioned before, she's very slow and is a weasel. Any opportunity she gets, to not be on the floor, she takes. Anyway...I was the supervisor yesterday, therefore, I was in charge. After she was done with a project (surprisingly 20 minutes earlier because she used my schedule which made her job easier), she thought she was going to just hang out, get something to eat, relax. The thing is, is that I needed her to get back out on the floor. So, I kindly asked her if she could. Then it all got weird. She didn't like that I wanted her to go back out to the floor because she wanted to get something in to eat (mind you, she's already had a 45 minute lunch break and a 15 minute break).
Long story short, it was awkward. I ended up apologizing. I always seem to apologize when things get awkward because I want a quick fix. But the thing is, I never said anything wrong. I told her that I wasn't meaning to be pushy or to step on her toes. I was just trying to get the day to run smoother because we really needed her on the floor. She seemed okay with that. But I'm not sure if she really got it. She's a little thick.
Today might be awkward. I have a feeling she'll stick me in the coatroom for a good part of the day. Because that's what she does with me. I don't know if it's on purpose. I secretly think it is, but then I don't know if she's that vengeful. I'm not sure.
I'm not used to having conflicts with co-workers. Yes, I think nasty things about them (i.e. this blog), but I try to keep it under wraps.
Oh well, I'll bring in my new New Yorker and hope that I don't get stuck with new guy too much. Oh yeah...I think that kid is creepy now. I won't get into that now.

Anyway...tonight is Star's big show. He's excited and I've got some co-workers coming out for the show. And then tomorrow, I think we help our friends pack up their U-Haul.
And another thing inbetween...I get to go back to the lab this afternoon...haven't been there in over a week...kind of felt like I've been on vacation, it's been nice.


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