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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Sunday, Sunday

Strange, strange dreams last night. But I liked them, I think. They are kind of responsible for waking me up this morning. I was dreaming about Star. And Jude Law was one of his buddies. How funny is that? I'm dreaming about Jude Law. He was in that movie yesterday afternoon. I think I also dreamed that I was fourteen weeks pregnant (which I probably would be if I were still pregnant). That part of the dream was strange because I didn't feel sad or anything. It was kind of just matter-of-fact.
Today, we will attempt to go into Cambridge. This weekend is the Head of the Charles. I've only been once before and that was about five years ago (interestingly enough...I went on the day of the "first date" with Star, though not with him). It's kind of fun, rubbing elbows with the private and Ivy-league school kids. It also doesn't cost money. It's nice to do things in the city that doesn't cost anything.
So, the hard part will be getting my husband up. He's rough. The process will start now.


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