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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Saturday night

Yesterday was interesting.
I took the business of making and hosting dinner last night, very seriously. I probably spent about two and a half hours preparing and finishing dinner. And that doesn't count the six hours that the ribs were in the crock pot. I also spent some time cleaning and fixing up the apartment, making it presentable. I guess you could say that between our best friends moving and my big appointment tomorrow...I was trying to channel my negative energy into good.
It was a frustrating day though. When I finally got over to B and S's apartment at around 3 pm, the place was confusing. No one really seemed to be moving stuff. S's cousin and boyfriend were there. And B's brother was also there. S was on the phone with a vet and everyone else was just hanging out drinking beers. Turns out that S decided that she had to save a stray cat before she leaves, and now that job has become me and Star's responsibility. I'm not quite sure I know how that happened.
After about three hours of dilly-dallying I decided to go back to my apartment so that I could get dinner finished. Finally, everyone except for B showed up. Dinner was ready at any moment...but B wasn't answering his phone. Turns out that he had a drink or something with an old co-worker. This was very maddening for S and I also felt a little pissed as I've been working my ass off making a nice dinner and B was out for drinks with some person that wore really bad perfume (and lots of it).
Finally...we had dinner. (Oh more thing...the cousin's boyfriend...he was drunk. That's always fun to have a nice dinner when someone is drunk and you are waiting for them to throw up right there at the table.) I guess overall it turned out well, though I could feel tension and stress. But for once it wasn't my tension or stress so I could handle it a little better.
We are going to head over there soon to say our final goodbyes. I'm kind of not looking forward to it because I hate saying goodbye (like everyone) and the cousin and boyfriend will be there. I feel a little awkward with them. Especially the cousin. She's kind of young and a little annoying but she is S's family so...I can't really say anything about it. I wish me and Star had been able to have B and S to ourselves.
Off I go...


  • At October 3, 2004 at 3:21 PM, Blogger Crista said…

    I'm glad Friday night went better than expected all in all, though sorry last night was a little frustrating. Sounds like a great dinner, though! Good luck with the goodbyes today. I hate them, too, and I'm so bad with good-byes. They just suck.


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