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Friday, October 22, 2004

Remembering five years ago

Well, it's Friday. Yay! Thank goodness. I do live for the weekends. It's not that work is so bad. It's not that bad. I actually like my job quite a bit most times. It's just that there are a couple of people (2 in fact) that I really can't stand being around. I've mentioned these people before. I won't really get into it now. Except to say that, one is a little psycho and the other is a psycho/pathological-liar (I truly believe). So when Friday comes along, I feel really relieved because it means that I get a break from these freaks.

So...this weekend is the five year anniversary of me and Star's first pseudo-date. October23rd, to be precise. I call the event "pseudo" because it didn't start off as a date. At least I didn't think so. Our beginning is kind of a funny story. The first time I ever laid eyes on Star was at a St. Patrick's Day party at the apartment that I lived in at the time. I lived with three other girls. One of my roommates was seriously dating a friend of Star's. So, somehow Star was invited to our house. I was never introduced to him at the time. I only saw him from a distance and couldn't figure out why this kid was at my apartment. He was loud and had really red, kind of fake hair (turned out it was dyed for a play he was in at the time). All I could think was "who the hell invited this guy? Who is he?" A month later, there was another party at our apartment (we probably had one major party a month back then). This time it was a joint birthday party for some friends. Again, Star showed up and was loud. I was a bit put off and just didn't really think about him at all except to think that he was obnoxious. But later in the night, the party took a strange turn.
I don't know if it's normal or if it's because I went to a college where everybody was sexually frustrated (Christian, liberal arts), but the party suddenly turned into a massage circle. It was late, we all had quite a bit to drink, and now we were all getting touchy or being touched. I was being touched. I was getting the best massage of my life from Star! It freaked me out. I thought the guy was obnoxious, but his hands felt so damn good. And, he was trying to get close. At that moment I knew that I was drunk enough to do something that could of regretted. I suddenly got up, said I had to go to the bathroom, and then practically hid in my bedroom (in my bed). About fifteen minutes later, he was knocking on my door asking for me. I pretended to be asleep and hoped he would not come into my room. He didn't.
I didn't see Star too much after that. I did run into him once at a lecture at school, but I just never made eye contact and didn't acknowledge him. I was so embarrassed that I let someone who I didn't like (at the time) touch me. Five months after the party incident, Star moved in with my roommate's boyfriend. This meant that we'd be seeing a lot of Star. The guys (5 of them) moved into an amazing ten bedroom house near the ocean. The house was really, really old and in desperate need of repair. It didn't even have heat on the third floor where some bedrooms were. Me and my roommates just loved to hang out at the house, and we would even when the guys weren't around. Eventually, Star just became one of the guys to me and I almost forgot about the party incident. He never mentioned it, I never mentioned it...he seemed like a different person to me. But I still just considered him kind of like a little brother of some sort. He's a little more than two years younger than me. And at the time (five years ago) that was kind of a big deal, especially because he was not of drinking age.
One weekend (exactly five years ago), all of my roommates were away for some reason and so were his. We were chatting at some party and decided that we should go see a movie that we both wanted to see (Fight Club). So, on a Saturday night, we went to see the movie. After the movie, we went for dinner. After dinner, we went back to my apartment and I made him watch You've Got Mail. It was so comfortable and easy. I (almost) totally forgot about the weirdness I felt before. I just felt like I had a new friend. He ended up falling asleep on the couch and I just went back to my room to go to bed. The next morning, I went to make coffee and realized that he was still on the couch. We hung out all morning and into the afternoon. We had coffee, did some watercolors paintings, and just talked all morning. Eventually he had to go and it was good because I had to write a paper for a night class I was taking at the time. As I was finishing up my paper, Star called me on the phone. I suggested going for a ride. I went to go pick him up and we went for a ride and a walk. When I went to his house to pick him up, I realized I really liked hanging out with him. On our walk, we were in a store and I remember the exact point of when I realized I liked him. We were looking at something on a shelf when he put his hand on my back, for just a moment...but that was it. That was when I realized that I could like him more than just a friend.
From that moment on, I started with a crush that took about two weeks before it became more. I was realizing that I was thinking about him all of the time. I would look forward to when I would go up to his house with my roommates. I would get a little jealous if he'd ask me about one of my roommates. It took off from there.

So...this is it...the five year anniversary. I can't believe it's only been five years. I feel like we've known each other forever. I'm looking forward to making this weekend special.


  • At June 27, 2005 at 12:28 PM, Blogger Cheshire said…

    ha, tt's sweet ...
    star mus been grinnin when he read tt page . it's a similar experience i had with my ex girlfriend . so gald tt i'm able to read someone's happy moments ...

  • At June 27, 2005 at 12:29 PM, Blogger Cheshire said…

    ha, tt's sweet ...
    star mus been grinnin when he read tt page . it's a similar experience i had with my ex girlfriend . so gald tt i'm able to read someone's happy moments ...


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