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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Not too much going on here

Not too much to say at the moment but I thought I'd check in since I haven't really made an "appearance" in the last couple of days. Right now, Hubby is on the phone with the Gallup Poll. Yes, the Gallup Poll is on the phone right now. They've been calling us for the last week, trying to talk to Star. The poll isn't too exciting, or so I don't think so. I was hoping that they were going to call asking what we think about the presidential election. But nope, they want to know what Hubby listens and watches on radio and television. I said...not too much going on right now. Just working and...that's about it. I did, however, just get home from going out to dinner and drinks with two co-worker. It was really nice. We had to bitch and catch up.
So...I won't bore with you with anymore details.


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