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Friday, October 15, 2004

I need to keep my mouth shut

So, last night I spent some time on my blog. I actually spent about 40 minutes writing a detailed entry of my day of on Wednesday. As I was about to spell check the thing, the whole post disappeared! I just about lost it. How annoying?!
Anyway...the very abridged version of Wednesday was that I had a good day, overall. It started off a little rough with an obnoxious visit to the salon. The lady that did my brow waxing was a psycho would brought out a pencil and started to color in my eyebrows. After that, I got a little sick on the T (the subway here in Boston). But once I found my friend N, we had a great visit in Harvard Square and then I managed to talk her into coming back to our apartment to have a belated birthday dinner (her birthday was over a month ago). I did ene up blabbing something I wish I didn't. N was talking about the guy she is seeing that is driving her a little crazy. They never see each other (because of work, school, etc) and they don't get to really talk about things that she would like to talk about. She was worrying about some deep, dark secret or something. Unfortunately, I found out a couple of weeks ago about a friend of a friend who actually used to see this guy. I use the word "see" loosely, as apparently all they ever did was make-out. I told N about it. I didn't tell her every detail that I found out about, but I told her that these two people used to know each other and had some brief thing. Why did I do that?! I really wish I hadn't. I guess I thought I was helping N out at the time. She handled it all really well, and she was glad that I told her. She actually told me that. But, I still feel shitty about it. I wish I never said a word. I hate spreading gossip.
Anyway...besides that, I did have a good day. It was good to spend a day in the city with a girlfriend. It was exactly what I needed.
Meanwhile, work is okay. Yesterday was kind of a strange day. It seemed that my manager and asst. manager weren't really getting along too well. They were kind of bickering in a playful way (maybe) but it kind of sounded a little real. (I'm blabbing again...though you guys don't count right...because you don't know these people?) My manager confided (maybe) in me that her asst. didn't really seem to motivated by his job anymore. He's only been doing the job since June. Before my first miscarriage, I was seriously considering that position (asst. manager) until I saw the qualifications and the only one that I didn't have was a bachelor's degree. My husband and N (she used to work at the same museum) kept telling me that I should apply anyway. Then, my miscarriage happened and I didn't really care about it all. knowing that this guy is kind of he is thinking about grad school,'s getting my mind going because I think if I applied for the job, I think there's a pretty good chance of me getting it this time. I actually have experience as an asst. manager. I used to be one for two different coffee shops that I worked at with a sum of roughly three years experience. Plus...the manager likes me...she's actually told me that I was one of her favorites (I know that sounds really unprofessional, but this was during my second miscarriage, she'd call to check up on me and gave me as much time as I needed to heal before I wanted to come back to work). Anyway...I need not to think this way. If I took a job like would probably mean an infringement on my weekends and holidays again (something I hated about being at Starbucks), but then...I would be getting more money...and my job is only down the street.
It could be a possibility. should be interesting. I wonder if they will be bickering again. to getting ready for work...hopefully I won't delete this post again.


  • At October 15, 2004 at 11:20 AM, Blogger Crista said…

    BTDT!! I've totally had that happen to me, and it's so frustrating. I'll usually copy the text before I post or anything just to be safe now. That's so frustrating!

    Glad you had a good day on Wednesday overall. I wouldn't worry about telling your friend what you did -- it's not really gossip, since she's your freind and she was expressing concerns about this guy.

    I say go for the job! It sounds like you would do a great job, though infringing on weekends and holidays is a tough call...good luck!


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