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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Honestly...(little bit grumpy this morning)

I do not give two shits about the Red Sox winning the World Series.
Especially when it means that I lost about an hour of sleep due to the assholes that live around here who decided to scream in the streets, honk their horns, and set of fireworks or something. Everyone else is supposedly in a good mood around here, but I'm not.
I also don't appreciate people acting like a have a disease or something when I admit that I'm not a sports fan. Two mornings ago, I had a woman from The Boston Globe call trying to sell me her paper. I told her that we don't really have time, etc (we used to get it, but we never really read it) and she said "Well, most people like to have at least the Sunday paper to check out the Sox and Pat's." When I responded with, "Yeah, we'll me and my husband aren't sports' fans", she was almost speechless. She couldn't believe it.
Anyway...I'm also in a bad mood because of some issues with my bank. Monday, Star called the bank and they weren't that useful. Yesterday afternoon, I realized that we didn't get that money back and that about $100 more dollars were spent in France. So, I called the bank myself. The girl I talked to was COMPLETELY useless. Why have a 800 number that is open until 11 pm if the people working don't know what the hell they are doing? All she could tell me is that I should go to my local branch to speed up the process. I agreed but told her that me and my husband both work until after 5 and their branches aren't opened that late except for Thursday we haven't been able to get to the bank yet. Argh!!! I'm so frustrated and really tempted to change banks. Though, I don't really want to because I've really liked our bank until now. Plus, the timing on all of this really sucks right not because we are going to Montreal next weekend and we kind of need to have our debit cards. It'd really not be convenient to shut down our account right now.
Hopefully this will get figured out tonight when we go in to the actual bank.
Meanwhile...all the stuff I was stressing about (days off, etc)'s all good. My manager printed up the wrong schedule and actually realized that she owed me a I got next Friday off, which is perfect.
So...I wonder how slow the museum will be today. It's ridiculous to me that highly overpaid men wearing tight pants and playing with their balls can get a whole region all excited.
I'm a grinch...but I hate sports.


  • At October 28, 2004 at 2:07 PM, Blogger Christine said…

    Moon, I am cracking up! "Overpaid men in tight pants playing with their balls..." LOL!!!

    I'm sorry that you are a bit down, and I hope that you are able to get things worked out at your bank.



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