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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Funk (not the good kind)

Last night was pretty uneventful, with the exception of making some of the best acorn squash ever. I love squash! Star had band practice and I watched TV. I don't even really remember what I watched...that's how exciting it all was. Anyway, around 9 pm I realized that I had a headache. I think it was from my worrying. This morning, I do feel a little nervous in my stomach about talking to my manager. I shouldn't be. I know, I know. I keep telling myself this. My manager is very approachable. It was probably just a simple mistake. There probably is a good explanation for it. Ugh.
The holidays are so damn stressful.
I bet if I were still pregnant right now, I wouldn't have to worry about all of this stuff because maybe the in-law's and my parents would come up here. I know, I shouldn't think like that. But it's really hard not to.
I think maybe I'm just getting into my pre-birthday funk. I usually get into one about a week before my birthday. This year it's probably going to be a little worse than in year's past.


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