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Friday, October 01, 2004

Friday night blues

Feeling a little sad right now. I just got back from the blood lab about an hour ago. For the last week I'd been thinking that I was okay. But just before I took off for the hospital...all of the sadness came rushing back with a fury. It's strange. I think the staff at the hospital recognizes me now. The woman who registered me has done it now a couple times or more in the last month. And then the woman who actually drew my blood definitely made mention of which arm she used last time. I've only had her once before and that was over two weeks ago, the night that they just fit me in. She seems sweet and I'm already hoping that the next time I go in, I get her.
I'm trying (though not very hard) to get myself going for tonight. In about an hour we head over to the bar where my husband will be playing. I'm not into it tonight. I feel incredibly lonely and like a stick in the mud. I'm not in the mood to hang out with almost every body we know. Star is expecting co-workers, I'm expecting co-workers, our friends will be there...etc. And I'm in no mind to hang out. And I feel selfish about it. Tonight is Star's night. To top that off he has concerns about his father's health.
I just wish it were next weekend already.
I wanna climb into bed. Or get a glass of wine and lounge on the couch all night.
Oh well.


  • At October 1, 2004 at 10:01 PM, Blogger Crista said…

    ((((hugs)))) to you Moon. I hope tonight is going better than you expected. Do what I would do (well not right now, but you know) -- get your drink on and try to have fun!! I hope you do...everyone at my lab knows me now, too, so I hear you on that too. Hang in there!


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