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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Early Holiday stress

Today wasn't really a good day either.
I tried to have a good one. But it seems that no one around me (at work) was having a good one so that effected me more than I would like to admit. I was supervisor today. All was well until a lady I work with seemed as though she kept questioning me on everything, every stupid little thing. This lady is usually kind of fun to work with. She's a little crazy (really she is, she is bi-polar or something) sometimes, but I've never had a problem with her before. But something was up today, and she seemed to take it out on me some. I know it's not personal...but I can't help feeling it.
Then, at the end of work, I got next month's schedule. I was looking it over and all and realized that a day I asked off (in mid-September) was on there. I asked for the day after Thanksgiving off. That's a tricky day to ask off because it's a busy day usually in the museum world. But I did ask for it off (with two months in advance) because we have to go to NJ for the holiday to see Star's parents. My manager told me way back when I asked for it off that she was going to close that weekend off for requests, but since I had asked so far in advance that she'd give it to me anyway. Apparently she forgot. And now I'm stressing out about talking to her about it tomorrow. She's been so good to me in the last couple of months with my miscarriages and all. I feel as though I'm asking for too much, but I did ask a long time ago and Star's family does live in NJ.
I hate the holidays sometimes. Now that I have two can really make the holidays stressful.


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