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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The big day has come and gone (Part II)

Sorry about making that a cliff-hanger...cause this isn't really an exciting story.

Okay, where was I?

So...I get back into the waiting room after emptying my tank a little and they call me almost immediately to the u/s. I still felt a little embarrassed...but also a little bit relieved. I apologized to the u/s technician (?...I'll call her that). She was real cool about it. I suppose it happens often to her. Right? She asked if I'd had an u/s before. I told her that I believe she was the one that gave one to me back in May and that she was the first to discover that I have a tipped uterus. She tells me that she'll try to do this part of the u/s quickly so that I can use the bathroom. So, I get on my back, unbuckle my jeans, and get that cold jelly stuff rubbed on to my belly. Almost immediately she informs me that my bladder is really full. She couldn't believe that I had peed already and promised not push too hard. After that section of the u/s and using the bathroom...I had the privilge (sarcastic tone) of getting the transvaginal part of the u/s. Ick, ick, ick!!! I hate it. I know, no one likes it. But...I'd actually rather have a pap smear. During this procedure, she asked if I'd been bleeding. I replied with a "no...not in over a week and a half or so." Then she told me that it appeared that I had a cyst of little size on my right ovary and there seemed to be some fluid around appearing that it might have ruptured recently. I replied that I did have some slight pain on that side a little while ago. She assured me that the cyst was normal and I wasn't too concerned anyway because I know that my mother often gets cysts.
After the u/s, I got to go back out to the waiting room with my husband. Almost immediately again, they called me back in for the rest of my appointment with my doc. The nurse that led me to the exam room was super chatty. I don't remember her from my other visits to the office. She was very friendly and I think I figured out that she liked me because her niece has the same name and also has dark hair and eyes. I got to strip down to my t-shirt and sit on the table for a few minutes with the very light paper towel/sheet and wait for about five minutes before my doc came in. The wait wasn't too bad...I've definitely waited a lot longer with other doctors.
So...when doc came in she seemed excited to see me. Seriously...excited. I've never had a reaction from a doctor like this. But then I figured out that maybe after all of the calls, etc I've received from her nurse and office...I kind of felt like a celebrity or something. Immediately she wanted to talk about my wacky hcg results. She did tell me that she's seen a number go up before. But unfortunately, she didn't know why this happened. The good news is that the number went from 18 to 8 (that number was taken on Friday). The bad news is that I have to go once again to the lab on Friday morning to get another test done. That afternoon, I have to call back to find out the results of the test. If the count has not gone down to 2 or lower, I'm going to have to have a D&C on Saturday morning. Needless to say, I'm not too excited about that possibility. I was already scared of having a D&C, but I got even more nervous when doc referred to it has an operation. The most work I've ever had done in my life was when I had my wisdom teeth removed about 3 years ago. She did reassure me that if this comes to that, it won't take long and I shouldn't have more than minor cramping since whatever is still in there is probably quite small. Anyway...I'm trying not to focus on that possibility. If the number has fallen 10 points in the last can fall another 6 in a week, right? I'm trying to think positive thoughts here.
After the D&C conversation, we talked about some testings to do. I did explain to her that these last two pregnancies were unplanned. I told her that we very, very much want children but not necessarily right away. We aren't in a hurry to be pregnant now, but we do want to know what the problem is (if there is one) now so that we can plan accordingly. With that in mind, she told me that we could do a progesterone test on the 21 day of my next cycle. (I'm sure anyone reading this understands what this is/means better than I do.) She went ahead and gave me the lab paperwork right away on that so I could go in whenever I needed to (21st day). The next thing we will do after that is some sort of x-ray where they put dye in my uterus to see if there are any blocks, holes, etc. Again...I didn't really catch the name on that one. Besides these things, were are going to keep track of my cycles and take it from there. She did say that usually they get into more of the testing after three miscarriages. Though that isn't a reassuring thing since I hope to hell I don't get to experience another. It was reassuring, however, to know that everything as far as the ultrasound and pelvic exam was normal.
So...that was pretty much it. Anyone have any of these things done?
I wasn't expecting any concrete answers. I wasn't disappointed or upset by anything. I do feel good knowing that I told doc exactly where me and Star are as far as having children. We desperately want children, but (honestly) not at the exact moment. Though...we would have been more than estactic if I had stayed pregnant. Our pregnancies weren't planned and they were so close to each other. Maybe those things are the reasons why I miscarried. Hopefully the next time I'm pregnant it will be planned and I will have been preparing my body for it. And it will stick. I'm trying to start now with preparing my body. This might mean a whole new life in some ways. I'm ready for it. many thoughts.
That's it for now.


  • At October 5, 2004 at 8:12 PM, Blogger Christine said…

    Whew! Thanks for finishing that!

    The progesterone test--Low progesterone may cause you to lose a pregnancy. So a low number on cd 21, may indicate a progesterone deficiency. Easy to remedy--progesterone suppositories with your next BFP! Very common!

    The HSG (the dye test)--will show if there are any abnormalities or blockages in your tubes or uterus. This test is usually more appropriate if you are infertile, which you obviously aren't, so I'm not sure why your doc wants you to have it.

    I didn't have either of these as we determined that mine were due to chromosomal problems. So we had gene testing done.

    Did your doc mention anything about having blood work done to check for Lupus antibodies or clotting disorders?? This is a normal panal to have done after two miscarriages.

    The D&C--I hope, too, that you don't need it. But if you do, it really is easy. I hadn't had any surgery before mine either. But seriously, you lay down on the table, go to sleep, and when you wake up, it's all over. I had some crmaping the next day after helping dh wash the car. And Advil took care of all the pain.

    I'll be wathcing for the resluts Friday, and know that I'm there with you in spirit, holding your hand. You aren't alone.

  • At October 6, 2004 at 8:48 AM, Blogger Christine said…

    Hey Moon! This is like blogger-tag, huh??!!

    My docs presumed that my m/c's were both chromosomal because they were both missed m/c's, meaning my body stayed pregnant even though there was no viable pregnancy, and I had two blighted ova, which is when you develop a gestational sac, and I even had a yolk sac in one, but nothing else. No fetal pole, no baby. So my body essentially stayed pregnant 4 weeks longer than it should have. I never had bleeding or cramping.

    My OB was pretty much clueless. Recurrent m/c does not usually fall under the scope of practice for an OB. An OB's job is to deliver babies. So after my second miscarriage, I insisted on a referral to an RE that specialized in infertility (which is not a problem for me) and recurrent miscarriage. He did all of the testing, and came to the conclusion that my m/c's were random and chromosomally related.

    Many OB's recommend the HSG because it is something that they can do. It's in their scope of practice. And it may give some indication of a uterine deformity that would prevent good implantation. So it might help. But generally if one isn't implanting well, then they aren't going to test positive on an HPT, and therefore wouldn't be considered pregnancy loss.

    BTW, my doc said the same thing about waiting until my third miscarriage before going to the specialist. I personally felt like she was telling me to go out and play in traffic. I was terrified of getting pregnant again with the possibilty that there could be something wrong that will cause another miscarriage. I had to insist, fight for the referral, and I'm so glad that I did. I KNOW that seeing the RE has lowered my anxiety level with this pregnancy. And taking a nice, long break probably helped, too.

    GL, and keep us posted.

  • At October 6, 2004 at 11:03 AM, Blogger Crista said…

    Wow, well, Christine pretty much said it all! I did have both of the tests you are referring to -- my progesterone came back normal, though I am still on suppositories now since the number was a little low at the beginning of this pregnancy. They also tested my prolactin level.

    As for the HSG, as Christine said, they want to check for abnomalities or blockages. If nothing else, it will give you a little peace of mind. Even though it seemed as though I was not technically "infertile" since I was able to get pg, I was relieved to hear that my uterus and fallopian tubes were perfect. One piece of sress lifted. The procedure itself isn't too bad -- it can cause a little cramping, but some other women who had been through it had recommended taking Motrin beforehand, and that pretty much did the trick. If you want more info/details on it, let me know.

    As for the D&C, I, too, hope you won't have to have it, but also like Christine said, it's really not bad at all. I've had two and I opted for general anesthesia so I had no chance of being awake during either. This was honestly more for emotional reasons that physical. Both of my D&Cs were not that long after learning of the m/c, so it was an emotional experience, but really not bad physcially at all. AF showed within 5-6 weeks after both for me, though that varies a lot from woman to woman.

    My OB/Gyn referred me to an RE right away, and I had the "full work-up" of testing. I didn't even have to push for it, and I was grateful for that, and I agree with Christine that you should push for it (if that's what you want, of course). Not having the testing done was too much of a gamble in my mind, and one I wasn't willing to put myself through.

    As you know, my blood tests led to a diagnosis of a clotting syndrome, though this is not actually consistent with the details of my miscarriages, which were very similar to Chrisine's (also diagnosed "blighted ovum") and seemingly due to chromosomal abnormalities. Since I got the PAPs diagnosis, though, I'm being treated for that, and a later loss has potentially (and hopefully) been prevented.

    So, that's just my two cents. In some ways, it's good that you and DH are not in a hurry to plan a pg again. That can cause a lot of anxst and stress, and being "on old" for testing can be hard when you desperately want a baby. I think it's good that you are taking time out for a while, but I agree that it makes sense to figure out what the problem may be so you know when you are ready.

    Good luck with it all!!


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