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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The big day has come and gone (Part I)

Yesterday sucked.
It sucked before I went to my doctor's appointment. I'm embarrassed to admit that I had a hangover yesterday morning. I get very mad at myself when I have a hangover. I know that I'd been fine if I had not had that last drink. But, it was a good friend's birthday and two of my best friends had just moved I had another.
Wrong move.
It also sucks to have a hangover on something that you tried for the first time and really liked. Now I will think about it a whole lot more before I have a cucumber martini (made with Hendrick's gin) ever again.
Besides the hangover...I also seem to slowly be getting sick. For me, that always makes the hangover that much worse. Because besides the hangover, new symptoms are showing up and you can't tell if it's the hangover or something else. Everything seems to linger. I appear to be getting sick now.

Okay...the doctor's appointment.
I got out of work at 3:30, got home at 3:35 (I live very close to my work). I changed very quickly and rushed myself and my husband out the door. The traffic getting into the next town was ridiculous and meanwhile...I had to pee. Yes, because of the ultrasound. Every bump, every stop, every slam on the brake...I thought a little bit of pee was going to come out.
We finally get to the office and I jump out of the car so that my husband can deal with the parking. We got to the office 5 minutes prior to 4:00. Of course, there was paperwork, etc. And then the words, "Take a seat." At this time my husband came in to the waiting room. We sat down and I could not stop shaking. After about 10 minutes, I had to talk to someone about when the damn ultrasound was going to take place because I was about to have an accident in the waiting room. (Oh yes...and of course the waiting room was full of pregnant women and children...I was prepared for that but I don't know about my husband. He was the one stuck in waiting in there for over an hour.) So, I approached the part of the desk that the rest of waiting room couldn't see and said to the receptionist, "I'm sorry, I feel really embarrassed asking this...but when is my ultrasound? I had tons of water and about to burst. I'm just wondering...I'm sorry." The receptionist smiled (warmly) and said she would go ask the lady doing the ultrasounds. At that point, I could hear her asking someone (that was awkward) and they said about 5 minutes but if I really needed to go that I could go a little bit and save some. Knowing what 5 minutes means in a doctor's office, I decided I couldn't wait and went on in to the bathroom. At that point, I kind of didn't care if I emptied out my whole bladder, it hurt so much...but I did save a little, or so I thought.
I went back in to the waiting room and took a seat next to my husband who was looking kind of confused. 3 minutes later, they called me in.

I'm realizing I'm running out of time...I need to get ready for work. I'll finish this little story later tonight. Til' then.


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