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Monday, September 27, 2004

Venting session

I've just got to say...I work with a real idiot.
It's amazing to me at times.
Also, this idiot is purely selfish. A co-worker of mine once said this about the idiot co-worker. At the time I thought that was pretty harsh. But now, I know where this is coming from.
Also...I have to listen to this girl (the idiot) eat. I can not stand the sound of someone who eats with a lot of noise. It makes me want to puke. This is what this girl does. I actually try to schedule my time around her so that I don't have to be in the same small room listening to her eat. Another thing...she eats other people's food from the fridge!?!?!?!
UGH. top things off...we have a new employee that is already starting at my nerves.
(What's wrong with me?)
This guy seems to think he's the shit.
But...he smells bad. (Oh yeah...idiot girl also smells horribly bad. I don't think she realizes that she has a major BO problem.) He's also a name dropper.
I hate that shit.
Already...I'll stop now. I had to do this here because I feel bad saying this stuff to my husband all of the time. He puts up with my complaints way too much.


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