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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Only noon can sure get a lot done when you are out of bed before six in the morning on a Sunday. I've done three loads of laundry, started a chili in the crock pot, made my husband (and myself, of course) a fabulous omelette with a side of turkey bacon (that stuff takes a long time to cook if you want it extra crispy), got almost every last dead-head off of my flower boxes, started the process of cleaning up the explosion (no, not a real one) in our bedroom, and talked to my sister over the phone. Now I'm on a second blog for the day and I'm then I'm soon off to the mall for some errands. I've done more work this morning in the last six hours than I've done in the last four weeks!
I guess I'm starting to feel a little bit more like myself.
Tomorrow is the beginning of a new stress in my life. Yes, I stress a lot. Anxiety is a very easy second nature for me.
Somehow in the midst of dealing with the past shitty three months, I've managed to get a promotion and a half. Five weeks ago, I was asked to become a "lead" at my place of employment. A week after I was asked, I experienced my second miscarriage. About a week and a half after I went back to work, I slowly began training for this position. It's not a rough job by any means. Basically, I'm responsible for the cash handling and any issues that arise with guests. But, it is something new and it is a responsibility...and yes...I'm a little nervous about going into work tomorrow. Especially since we will be extremely short staffed.
I need to relax. I need to not get myself going. I need to handle myself well. I feel like I'll have an audience. I co-workers.


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