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Thursday, September 16, 2004

No news, good news?

Tuesday night I just barely made it in to get my blood work done at the lab. The nurse (who is very sweet) at my Doctor's office told me that the lab is open 24 hours and that I can go at any time. So, after a party/meeting after work, I ended up at the lab at exactly 8:05 p.m. Apparently the lab does close to people coming in to get lab work done at 8:00. I checked in at the ER to see about the lab. I didn't know what was going on. The girl at registration was giving me a slightly hard time. I just kept telling her that I had no idea and that my doctor's office told me that I could come in at any time. She went to the lab to, in her words, "beg" to let me in for the work. I was ready to go home and come back in the morning when she came back and told me that they would squeeze me in. She acted like she did me a huge favor. She probably did. But I wasn't begging. I was in no hurry to get more blood taken. I've had enough.
Yesterday at lunch, I attempted to call my doctor's office about the results. After being on hold for five minutes, I hung up and decided to let them contact me. I'm in no hurry to find out whatever the news is. At least not today. When they call, they call.
Meanwhile...I'm feeling quite shitty about the prospects of going to visit my parents and grandparents this weekend (Saturday to be exact). I'm not up for it. I'm really, really not up for it. I'm probably going to go down with my sister. My husband has given word that he would do work for someone on Saturday. I can't handle my family without him. At least not during these times. My sister promises to keep it a short visit because she doesn't really want to go down there either. I feel like a horrible daughter and granddaughter, not wanting to visit my own family. I'll get to all of that some day.
Maybe we can get out of it somehow.


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