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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Is it at all possible to get a break?

I think I got over feeling guilty about the private tantrum I threw towards my husband last night. I've got a new thing to think/stress about now.
I saw on my little break this morning that my doctor's office left a message on my cell phone at around 10:30. I noticed that was a little odd. Usually they don't seem to get back to me this quickly. I listened to the message from the call nurse and she told me to give her a call back. This is also odd. Usually if the numbers are going down on their own, she just tells me what to do next on the message. So, I called on my lunch break. After spending about 15 minutes on hold, I finally got through to the call nurse (the nice one). She sounded kind of funny, almost like she was perplexed or something. She informed me that my number went up to 18. WHAT?!?!?
My number went from 14 (last week) to 18 (last night)! How might this happen?
I don't want to get crazy about this because it's only gone up four numbers. But's gone up. I don't understand this. I'm flabbergasted.
I don't ever talk about my sex life (excuse me Star if you are reading this), but...we've only had sex two times in the last four weeks since all of this has happened. We've actually been practicing abstinence. And yes, we were using protection those two times. So...I can't be pregnant again. Right?
I don't know what to say, I don't know what to think.
Anyway...I'm due back to the blood lab next Friday (the 1st) . Then on Monday, right before I have my pre-scheduled appointment with my doc, they are going to give me an ultrasound in an attempt to see if there's anything to look at.
Has anyone heard of anything like this before?
Maybe there was a mix up or something at the lab?
I can't wait for a whole week for some half answers.
I'm exhausted.


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