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Wednesday, September 22, 2004


I don't know exactly why I just did this...but I did.
I did a little experiment. Since I have extra home pregnancy tests laying around, I decided to try one out to see what 18 hcg looks like on one of those things.
The results...the pink line was very, barely there. I feel like this is kind of a good thing to know.
The brand was Accu-clear. It's what I've used for the last three months or so. I can usually find them at Target for $6.99 a box (two in a box).
Anyway...I know that I just wasted a pregnancy test. I know it didn't tell me anything. I do feel slightly reassured to see that the pink line was that bright or pink. Though I do really want to see that line...I know there is no way in hell that I'd be ready for that right now.
Meanwhile...I still don't feel right about drinking a glass of wine.
And that's kind of really what I want right now.


  • At September 23, 2004 at 9:08 AM, Blogger Christine said…

    Moon, I would have done EXACTLY the same thing!! I love to pee on sticks!!! You aren't crazy! Well, at least you are no crazier than I.

    I know that you are going through a rough time right now. I'm completely confused about the HcG increase. I'm going to guess that there must be a margin of error with these lab results, so your numbers probably stayed the same rather than increased? It still sucks. I know that you want your body to cooperate so that you can move on.

    My cycle after my first miscarriage (I had a D&C) was a long cycle. I had started temping somewhere in the process in hope of finding out what my body was doing. I found that I had eventually ovulated, but it was 8 weeks after my D&C! So it must have taken a while for my HcG to drop as well.

    So I can understand the frustration of a body that doesn't seem to want to cooperate. But I have to solution or words of wisdom here. It just sucks.

    This would be my plan, if by some chance you are pregnant, your HcG would be doubling at this point, right? I would call my doc and ask for another blood draw in the next day or two. If the numbers aren't doubling, I'd say that wine is the perfect answer for you. Hey, have a glass for me, too.

    A book that I bought after my second miscarriage was incredibly helpful. Have I mentioned it before? I know that I mention it on my blog. Anyway, take a look at it. It might at least help you pass the time until your body cooperates. It's called, "Miscarriage: Women Sharing From the Heart"

    If I've mentioned it already, sorry about the repeat! I can't seem to remember anything anymore!

    {{{Hugs}}} I hope that this all works itself out for you soon.


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